Hi all!

Please see below some of the resources I recommend and use during my training delivery! Delivering computer training and tuition requires a mix of delivery including visual, oral and hands on practicals. Click on the blue typing and this will activate a link to that particular resource.

NEW NEW – My You Tube channel with FREE video tutorials HERE

Goodwill Community Foundation – a treasure trove of free tutorials and videos on all things technology – Microsoft Worrunningmoused, Microsoft Windows, Excel, Publisher, social networking and more.

Mousercise – excellent online tool to practice your mouse skills for beginners.

Keyboard – touch typing tutorial to get you started to learn typing without looking at the keyboard!

Free Rice – Like to help eliminate world hunger – play these games like improving your vocabulary, maths skills and much more!

ESOL courses – activities such as word find and match the picture to help you gain a better understanding of computer and internet terminology.

Computer and Technology Terminology – website with more activities to help with computer terminology.

Word search puzzle HERE.

ACORN – website about current cyber scams and a reporting feature from the Australian Government.

SCAMWATCH – Scamwatch is run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It provides information to consumers and small businesses about how to recognise, avoid and report scams.

BE CONNECTED – A website with free and easy to use tutorials on all things computer and digital devices, created by the Australia Government. Sign up for free!

Excel exercises – click on a file below to open an Excel workbook and use these files to practice on during training.

Simple budget exercise

Excel basics new

Formula tutorial



Word exercises – the file below are actual examples of how to properly format a document as per SA Police standards. The answers are also available below. See how you go!


Pre-entry_Completed_Test _R_03_11